Rob Bentall


Over the past few weeks, I have been experimenting with a binaural microphone that has been acquired by Knaïve Theatre for the production of a radio play that has been funded by Arts Council England. Binaural recording simulates what it is like to hear things in real life, based on where your ears are in relation to each other and how they absorb and deflect frequencies as sound moves around you. This project is very much intended as a test work to try out spatial techniques with a binaural microphone in order to ascertain how best to convey spatial trajectories around the dummy head.

This, work – Dis(placing) is a binaural audio piece, a test work in advance of the production of “Breath of Spring”, a binaural radio play by Knaïve Theatre with sound design by myself. Poem featured in the work written by Ben Gaunt.

Please wear headphones when listening to this work.

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