Rob Bentall


For nyckelharpa and 8-channel fixed electronics.

Duration: 17″

Telian is a work developed across the course of the Sound and Music Embedded programme with National Sonic Arts Centre (CMMAS) Mexico and The University of Huddersfield. The work seeks to hybridise Swedish traditional, ambient and electroacoustic styles through its use of Swedish traditional tunes. The work explores relationships between ancient and new technologies, seeking to view the ancient as equally complex to the contemporary. The traditional tunes are reworked and manipulated both live on the nyckelharpa and in the technologically led electroacoustic part. Time-stretching processes gradually dehumanise how the instrument appears to be played. The music seeks to immerse the listener in the rich timbres of this very resonant and unusual instrument. Telian is performed by the composer and also functions as an installation work. Telian has been re-worked into an Audio-Visual work titled Nearer Future, a collaboration with Heather Lander.

Below is a performance of Telian with visuals from Heather Lander, combining to create Nearer Future (2017)

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