Rob Bentall


A work in collaboration with Impermanence (Bristol, UK)

In this groundbreaking new production from Bristol based Impermanence – the company that brought you critically acclaimed hit shows Da-Da-Darling, SEXBOX and film The Ballet of the Nations – we follow BAAL, our anti-hero along their path of consumption, greed and ultimate destruction, echoing the spiralling events of our current ecological crisis.

Three years in the making, this stunning, cathartic, multi-media production, featuring a dual-channel film and lusciously designed costumes and set, sees four dancers and a musician grapple with love, sexuality, art, fame, betrayal, nature and lust.

For this project, I pieced together a soundtrack featuring remixes of old recording of the Sibelius violin concerto, a myriad of musical esoterica, and new compositions on the nyckelharpa.

Below is the opening section, which I first drafted in 2017:

Here is a documentary about the making of Baal with Impermanence. Skip to 05:25 for an interview with me about the making of the musical score!

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