Rob Bentall

Ballet of the Nations

Film score, in collaboration with Impermanence

Film trailer (2018) – Impermanence. Music by Rob Bentall

Billy Zane narrates this 50-minute arthouse film in which war is imagined as a diabolical dance choreographed by Satan and Ballet Master Death.

For this project, I put together a 50-minute score that features instruments referenced heavily in the original text “Ballet of the Nations”. Prominent roles are given to the harmonium, double bass, pianola, and toy piano. The nyckelharpa features heavily in the latter half of the score. Remixing the work of Eugene Goossens creates the lush opening chord sequence to the film.

The score was pieced together in Ableton Live using samples from the composer’s personal library, as well as micro-extracts from Goossens’ Kaleidoscope Suite. Below is one part of the score, titled Spencer’s Oratory, inspired by filming on set at Sandham Memorial Chapel.

You can watch the entire film for free on the British Art Studies Journal website!

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