Rob Bentall

War With The Newts

“Witness the rise and fall of a new(t) capitalism. Deep in the bowels of an oyster-dredging vessel, an ocean of opportunity arises as a new resource makes contact.​”

An immersive theatre production by Knaïve Theatre. Composition and sound design by Rob Bentall. For this production, I produced an octophonic sound design, with discrete audio elements to emphasise the spatial aspects of sound coming from different areas of the ship.

War With The Newts Edinburgh Fringe 2018 ©The Other Richard

War With The Newts – Sound Design Showreel


War with the Newts is an updated theatrical re-imagining of Karel Čapek’s satirical, political, apocalyptic, sci-fi classic of the same title, transported to a post-Brexit Britain of the possible future. It was an original adaptation by co-Artistic Director Tyrrell Jones created with support from the rest of the company. The show featured a fully immersive set by Hannah Sibai, a terrifying live mixed score with 8 channel surround sound by Dr. Robert Bentall and received Summerhall’s Lustrum Award for Outstanding Theatre.​

War with the Newts previewed at Square Chapel, Halifax and Waterside Arts, Sale and premiered at Summerhall for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2018 before a UK tour including Leeds, Manchester and London.  The show was kindly supported by Arts Council England, Royal Exchange Theatre, Square Chapel and Waterside.


Audio trailer – War With The Newts (2018)

War With The Newts video trailer: Luca Rudlin (2018)

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